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In this course, you will be taken to the amazing world of Vedic math. The phase contains 15 chapters each chapter containing 5 to 7 lessons, each lesson focusing on an important concept in detail.
Each lesson takes you to the wonderland of mathematics with amazing techniques of speed calculation. A student who goes through this level will be gaining mastery over:-
1. Multiplication tables upto 100 in couple of minutes.
2. Squaring of numbers up to 100 mentally.
3. Doing huge and complicated calculations in head with ease.
4. The popular vedic method of Base Multiplication.
5. Faster way of adding two digits and 3-digit numbers in head.
6. Subtracting huge numbers in head.
7. Adding big numbers mentally.
8. Adding a list of numbers using the Vedic Method.
9. Multiplying two 9 digit numbers in head using Vedic technique.
10. Some special cases of calculations.
11. Introduction to the most popular crisscross method.
12. And a lot more................................
Structure of the level:
1. This level contains more than 50 video lectures each focusing on a single topic.
2. Each lesson has a transcript to make the better understanding of the lesson.
3. Every lesson is followed by explanatory notes furnishing more details and more examples.
4. Every lesson is followed by practice questions with instant checking of the answers and feedback.
5. A live session request option for every chapter.

6. Report to parents on every tests attended by the child.

7. Instant feed back and spot correction of mistakes.

8. Daily supervision by the instructors and remedial measures if required.